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How to earn with internet


Once a boy went to visit the zoo with his father. He saw many animals there and when he passed by an elephant, he saw that the elephant was tied with a weak rope. He looked carefully at the elephant and then at the rope. The little boy did not understand how such a big elephant could be tied to a small rope. He pointed out his father to the elephant and to the rope and asked the question to his father that how it’s possible that such a big animal cannot escape from this weak rope. The little boy's question made his father wonder. Then his father asked the same question to the mahout (an elephant trainer, keeper or rider) that the elephant is very big and strong while the rope is weak but the elephant does not try to escape. The elephant's mahout replied that when the elephant was small, we used to tie it with the same rope, at that time this rope was strong enough as compared to their strength and size and it was not possible for a baby elephant to break it. Even though the elephant has grown up now, they are convinced that they cannot break the rope, and it is their firm belief that prevents them from even trying.

In fact, the same story applies to our life. There are many of us who are tired of their problems & hardships but do not try to solve them. Most of the time we are just complaining about the issues in our life.

There is a saying “Either solve the problem or leave the problem but don’t live with the problem”.

My personal observations are that the environment where we grow up plays a vital role in our rest life. If you grow up in a business family, higher the chances are that you will end up in a business. On the other hand, if your childhood experience was not good and you have observed your family was struggling to meet their necessities of life, in such families mostly the people are blaming their luck, thinking that they did not get the favorable conditions to make their life better. You see that a certain amount of money was being earned by people around you and this may make a level of earning in your mind also. If you do not think out of the box, do not work on yourself to see a bigger picture then the possibility is that you will find yourself among those who always blame others for their own mistakes. Many of us make a virtual circle around ourselves about different things and at the end act the same like an elephant who never tries to break the rope despite the fact that he is strong enough to escape.

So, the point is that if you will not think big (by the way there is a book named “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J Schwartz, the book was published in 1959. You can learn many things from this book to improve your life) then success is hard to earn.

I have heard from so many people around me saying that I am working hard but not earning according to my efforts, if you analyse the situation, I am sure you will find something wrong. It may be that you are not working smartly, you are using old fashioned methods in your work, you are working hard but not in a suitable place, the field you are working is not of your interest. Analyse and identify the issues so you can solve them. Remember, that it’s important to diagnose your disease first before you cure it.

You may have seen in life that many educated people do not earn as compared to some less educated people earn.

Think if you read ten books on swimming, is it possible to dive in a deep water thinking that you have enough knowledge of swimming? I am sure you will not, you have to practice first starting gradually from the less deep water to deeper side. Unfortunately, most of the time our general education does not teach us how to earn money.

There is a saying that “if you are born poor it’s not your mistake but if you die as a poor, it's only your fault”.

In my point of view, there is an updated version of this saying thanks to the technology which has changed today’s world. If you have a mobile phone with an internet facility you are the lucky one to be connected with the world but wait, is your mobile phone helping you in your life? if your answer is not then, this is a big issue. Learn skills from your mobile phone, use the power of the internet by learning new advanced techniques in your field, learn something new which can make you valuable, learn the things that your competitors are not using. Do not waste your time just on Social Media by scrolling, posting, commenting on Facebook, watching useless videos on YouTube, trolling on twitter, getting angry over other’s stuff etc.

So, here is the updated version of the saying “in the age of technology, internet, social media, when learning is available with your fingertips and still you are suffering then you are the only one responsible for this fault.

To bring change in your life, convert learning to earning, change your mindset (mind software), think big, dream big and chase your dream with action, because without action nothing will happen on the ground.

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