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How to find a job without experience


A few days ago, I saw lot of young people standing next to a social media influencer and they all were asking him to make a video for them to highlight their job issue. The issue is that they are applying for jobs but everyone is asking them about experience which they don’t have. According to them, they need a job first to get some experience.

So, I thought I should write something according to my experience for those who have the same situation.

If you have just completed your education and have no work experience, the first thing you can do is use your mobile phone to find companies in your field and watch your field related YouTube videos to learn something.

In the way of getting a job whether you are experienced or inexperienced, the first thing is communication skill.

Better communication means high chances of finding a job. So, if you have any issue in communication, focus on improving it first.  

How can you get a job, unless you can convince someone about your abilities?

When you are in the search of a job, remember that the potential employer who is offering a job will think of his own benefit and not your benefit. You have to prove to them that if you get a chance to work, how useful you could be.

Even though you don’t have experience but you can work on your soft skills e.g.

1 - Ability to solve a problem (Problem Solving)

2 - Examining anything thoroughly (Attention to Details)

3 - Wisely use of time (Time Management)

4 - How creative you are (Creativity)

5 - Demonstrate flexibility at work (Flexibility)

6 - Ability to work with others (Team Work)

7 - How you can lead others (Leadership)

8 - Making connections with other people (Networking)

9 - How quickly you can learn new things (Quick Learner)

10 - Your passion & motivation

If you have some of the above at least you have something to show, to convince, to get a chance.

Do not waste your time, this is the most important thing. If you want to achieve your goal quickly you have to react fast. You have to catch the first available train to reach your destination. Do not look at the train type as long as it can bring you close to your destination. And if you are waiting for an ideal one, you may be too late and excuses will be last words.

Now there are two situations here, one is we need a job but do not have any opportunity on the other hand the employer has many applicants to select from.

It is said that the thirsty goes to the well, well not come to the thirsty. Similar situation is here. Who is in need, has to react, so you are the one to move.

According to your academic or technical education or as per your interest. Look around for the opportunities, it may be a shop, workshop, factory, office etc.

Go to them and tell them about your educational background and express a desire to work. If they are willing to give you some salary, it is better if they are not willing or say that we do not have a job. Negotiate with them as much as they can pay if not the case, offer your services for free to them. I Hope no one will refuse free services. If it still refuses, look for a second, third or fourth place, but I am sure that you will not have to go to the third or fourth place.

Wherever there is an opportunity, whether someone gives you a salary or not, just start working with all your honesty and start learning from the people who are already there. You may have some difficulties in the beginning but you can change anyone's attitude with your good behavior, honesty and hard work.

No matter what your education is, no matter how qualified you are, don't feel ashamed to work with your hands and encourage yourself to get your hands dirty.

I have seen a civil engineer in the UAE sleeping on a concrete slab at night while working on a project. Believe me, his attitude towards labor, mason and office boys was very kind. He grabbed the opportunity and not looked back, he worked hard, learnt through his mistakes.

After working about a year for the salary of three thousand dirhams, he switched to another company which offered him a salary of ten thousand dirhams.

Did you know? Mistakes are good because at the end of the year these are called your experience.

A boy in Pakistan, after completing his technical education from Government College of Technology Rasool (Pakistan), went to a company in Islamabad (Pakistan) in search of a job and showed his desire in a company to work for them but they refused, then he offered his free service and they agreed. He started working with them.

About twenty-five days later there were Eid holidays, when he was about to return home for Eid holidays, his manager paid him twenty-five days' salary (he cannot believe this, as it came as a surprise for him) because of his good behavior and hard work.

I have many more examples in my career to mention but the point is that you take the first step and leave your home, your comfort zone and see the world & results. Allah Almighty will create resources for you.

But if you are not moving from your desk and just keep applying online, waiting for an opportunity to come in your way, crying for your luck and when someone asks why you don't do something, you say I did a lot. I submitted a lot of applications but no success, there are not many jobs, it’s hard to get a job without recommendation.

I hope this writing will change someone’s mind software and will help to find a success instead of excuses.

But at the end it's the action which will bring the change in your life and in my opinion the best tool to start is your mobile phone, use this device to change your life. 

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