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80 Percent UAE Resident’s View about Mobile Phone Usage

The results of a recent survey by duke+mir, a communications consulting firm based in Dubai, show the impact of technology usage in our lives, although this survey was conducted in the United Arab Emirates, but things are not much different in other parts of the world, especially where the internet access ratio is better. Today we are more connected than ever before and the advancement in technology brings things to our fingertips.

According to this survey, 80 percent of people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) want their social circle to reduce smartphone use during social gatherings.

The Life and Technology 2023 report by duke+mir found that 40% of UAE citizens feel they use their smartphones excessively and wish to decrease their usage. The consulting firm conducted a survey of over 1,000 individuals nationwide through YouGov, a public opinion and data firm, to gain insight into citizens' behavior and attitude towards lifestyle and technology.

The report revealed that 70% of UAE citizens find it difficult to separate work and personal life, particularly since the coronavirus outbreak, which has led to an increase in remote work. Jonathan Ivan-Duke, Co-founder and Partner at duke+mir, said that UAE residents are having trouble balancing their technology use between work, home, and social lives. Based on the data, he suggested that citizens should exercise more self-discipline and engage in more face-to-face interactions.

With reference to the above survey, we need to take more control over the usage of technology gadgets, especially mobile phones. There is no doubt that technology has improved the way of life on earth but at the same time, excessive use of technology has many social impacts as well, Today we are more connected with each other via technology even when we are very near to each other but face to face interaction becoming less, feeling loneliness anxiety out of others are common among us today.

Some time ago I was carrying my mobile with me while on an evening walk, later I decided to leave the mobile phone at home now, I am going out for a walk without any electronic gadgets and I am feeling very comfortable and relaxed. I personally think that we should spend some time without these modern-day electronic gadgets in a place near nature to feel more relaxed and satisfied.

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