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How to Increase Salary

How to Increase Your Salary

If you have been employed for some time, your salary may not be what you expect it to be. You always think that your company / employer does not pay you as much as you think you deserve. You may have blamed your fate many times for this. You think that's my destiny, man. You satisfy yourself by saying that I work hard but I don't get paid. How many employees came after me to work here and they were promoted and their salaries increased and so on.

In fact, when we say all this, we are trying to absolve ourselves. There is saying that "losers always have excuses and winners always have plans".

When I started working in the United Arab Emirates many years ago, the people around me in my first company use to say that this company is a school, people come here to learn and go to another company and gets good salaries. Look, he was getting five thousand in this company then he moved to another company and now getting ten thousand Dirhams.

This thing raised lot of questions in my mind. I thought when I shall move to another place then I can understand why people saying this. I need at least two companies working experience before I can compare.

I completed seven years in the first company. In those seven years, my prime priority was to get skilled in my job before I shall move to another place. If I have enough skills and experience, I would not have any problem in my work in the second company. Being skilled and experience will grow my chances of getting a good job. That’s why I was focusing to improve myself and to be completely satisfied that I could do my job very well.

In the starting, my salary was very low and after some time when I got some expertise in my job, some people close to me used to advise me that I should leave this company and go to another company. I should have gone. But the problem was that there was no one to guide me well. Secondly, I had set some of my own goals. But my advice to others is that you complete a visa in the first company and specialize in your work, regardless of what the company is paying you. Imagine that the company has given you its resources, its infrastructure, now it's up to you how you use your time and how you can learn from these things. If your employer acknowledges your services and give you an increment then its fine to continue otherwise, “find a place where you can shine”.

You may have heard it said, "If you were born poor, it is not your fault, and if you die poor, it is only your fault."

But if in today's world of technology when mobile phones and the internet are in your hands and learning anything is just at your fingertips and still your living is not improving then you are wronging yourself.

I had tripled my salary from the original one during my seven years with the first company.

During this period, I also created another source of income so that my family would not be in financial trouble when I shall take a risk to find a better place. The prayers of my parents and my everlasting faith in God Almighty made me success.

There is saying that, "Call on God with everlasting faith, God does not hear the cry of the heart that is devoid of faith."

Now I started looking for work elsewhere and applied online.

One thing to note is that I didn't have a laptop, I used to send my CV from my Android mobile.

When I came to the UAE, I did not bring my verified certificates with me due to lack of information.

So, I sent my documents back to Pakistan for verification.

My passport had expired and I had submitted it to the Dubai Consulate for renewal. I was to receive my passport after 30 days with normal fee.

But the next morning I got an offer letter from a company.

The offer letter was also twice my current salary. Now the problem was that my certificates were in the Pakistan for verification and passport was in process of renewal and I have to give all these documents to the next company within a month.

Everything went fine and happened on time. I joined the next company.

As time went on and the relationship with the people around me established. I was becoming more aware about the people and working environment. I come to know that many employees have same issues as the previous ones.

"This company is a school. People come here to learn and move to another company."

After working in this company for a few years I found a better opportunity and switched to another place.

The new company was actually a large group with about a dozen companies under it. During my service here, I also had the opportunity to interact with people from many other sister companies. I found the same as previously that "This company is a school. People come here to learn and move to another company."

Now I had enough knowledge about working places as well about the complaining employees. I understand that the employee who has a passion for learning and intends to move forward, who believes in himself and who changes the software of his mind, for him every company, every man everyplace has school status, he learns from them and moves on.

And those who do not analyze themselves, do not hold themselves accountable, do not challenge difficulties, do not believe in hard work, don't update their self over time, don't learn new skills, nor do they learn from those who leave them and go to other better places.

They have only excuses. They justify everything that they were fine but things were not right around them.

There are some idioms that come true in situations like these.

"Man creates his own destiny."

"There is life in motion and death in stagnation."

"Traveling is mean of success".

I hope that these words of mine will bring a positive change in your life and will inspire you to move forward instead of making excuses. You will challenge yourself and will not afraid to encounter problems and at the end you will “find a place where you can shine”.

When you achieve something with your own hard work without any support from others and when no one is going to tell you that whatever you are today is because of me or us.

The satisfaction and happiness you will have in life cannot be described in words and is priceless.

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  1. Man creates his own destiny. I pray we always makes the right choice in life.
    I'm fully motivated with your write up.


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