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How to Write a Good CV Resume


Many people who came to Dubai on a visit visa and contacted me for a job and sent their CVs to me. When I reviewed their CVs, I disappointed a lot. Despite having Master and Bachelor’s Degrees, their CVs were poorly drafted.

Before looking for a job, know that your CV is the most important and the first thing that will get you a job. No matter how educated and experienced you are, how will you find a job unless you have a good CV? If you can't make a good CV by yourself, Seek the help of a professional CV writer.

But I hope you can prepare a good CV if you follow the instructions below.

There are three types of documents used to find a job.

1 – Cover Letter

In the cover letter you explain why you are applying for desired job.

2 – Resume

One page summary about your Academic Education, Technical Education, Professional Certificates, Work Experience, Skills, Personal Information and other relevant data.

3 – CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Detailed information about your Academic Education, Technical Education, Professional Certificates, Work Experience, Skills, Personal Information, Businesses you work for etc. A CV is detailed than Resume, but that doesn't mean you have to write a book. According to experts, an ideal CV for an experienced person should not be more than three pages long.

Thing to Consider while Creating a CV

Career Level

Before you start creating a CV, the most important thing is that what is your career level, beginner, mid or experience level.

Your Strength

A beginner’s main strength will be education so you have to focus on your education. Similarly, if someone is an experienced, now the experience is your strength to focus on in your CV.

Job Place

Then you will see for which place you are preparing your CV, for example, if you want to find a job in UAE or in another country, then you will enter the information in your CV accordingly.

Things not to Include in CV

Wherever you are looking for a job but there are some things that you will not include in your CV for example your national identity card number, your driver's license number, your passport number or any other information that is private and confidential. Because nowadays CVs are sent in emails and you don't know where these CVs are landing. This information is your personal and confidential and can be misused.

When to Provide Confidential Info

When you approached by a company for a job, then you can provide them with the necessary required documents.


You will not write the full address of your home, just the name of the city is enough.

CV Format, Font & Grammar

The CV format should be simple, easy to read and to the point. The font size and formatting of the entire CV should be the same and there should not be any grammatical errors. Many people do not pay attention to this.

Position & Role

If you have worked in the same position in different projects of the same company, write down the responsibilities of each project in one place instead of writing it separately. If you play different roles in the company, write all your responsibilities under your specific role once, point is not making information duplicate which will also increase the length of your CV.

Be Relevant

Your CV should contain the relevant information for the job you are applying.


Write the name of your highest degree or certificate when writing academic information.

It is better to write the information of all the certificates of technical education.

Be Specific

Remember not to write unnecessary information just to fill the pages.

Section & Layout

On the top, write your name, contact mobile number, email, city name and the position you are applying for.

Then write down your education if you are new and if you are experienced write down your information about experience.

Then write down about your skills.

Then write down other information such as what languages ​​you are fluent in, about your hobbies, interest etc.

Difference between Responsibilities & Skills

I observe many job seekers mix these two items with each other.

Responsibilities are specific roles you play at a working place e.g., you are creating shop drawings, layouts, as built drawings, plans.

Skills are things in which you are expert, in the above example your skill will be “AutoCad” or any other software you are using to create these items.  

Length of CV

Keep in mind that many people are applying for a job and there are hundreds of CVs with the recruiters to go through, so they have very limited time to scan your CV. No one will pay attention to your lengthy CV.

Importance of First Page

Your CV’s first page is your first impression to the recruiter, pay extra attention to the layout, information you include and read it carefully for any mistakes.

Proof Reading  

After completing your CV, carefully go through it and make sure every section is complete and error free.

I hope this information will be useful to you and “you will find a place where you can shine”.

Hi I am Azhar,

I am working in the United Arab Emirates since 2007 in Administration field. I created this website to help other people with my experience & knowledge. I am passionate about Digital & Information Technology. My mission is to educate people that how information technology can change their lives for better future.

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