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Abu Dhabi Entry Requirements

Good News for Abu Dhabi Visitors

Great & Welcome news for visitors to Abu Dhabi is that you will not need to show a Codiv-19 Negative Test to enter Abu Dhabi starting from Sunday 19 September 2021.

This will apply to those who want to visit Abu Dhabi from within the country.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disaster Committee for Covid-19 pandemic has recently announced the procedure for entering Abu Dhabi from within the country and has approved the cancellation of Covid-19 negative test requirement to enter Abu Dhabi Emirates. But keep in mind that you still have to show a green status on Al Hosn application to enter the Abu Dhabi Emirates.

The decision came at a time when the number of people infected with coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates has dropped to just 0.2 per cent.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Committee for Covid-19 pandemic said in a statement that it would continue to monitor the events and urged all citizens, residents and visitors to ensure the safety and health of the public interest. Take the necessary precautions to avoid spread of virus.

Back in summer 2020, due to the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, Abu Dhabi Emirates enforce Covid-19 negative test (PCR or DPI) requirements to enter the Emirates for those who travel regularly between Abu Dhabi and other emirates, families and visitors, as well as all other people who wanted to enter Abu Dhabi.

The restrictions were tightened when the number of Covid-19 cases on daily basis exceeded 1,000.

Citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates have welcomed the relaxation in the entry requirements, which have been in force for more than a year.

With this good news, we must not forget that the Covid-19 has not yet been completely eradicated and that we must prove to be responsible citizens and we should take the necessary precautions to ensure our own health and the health of others.

Stay Safe.

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