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Energy Drinks, Junk Food, and Smartphones Banned in Private Schools


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Energy Drinks, Junk Food, and Smartphones Banned in Private Schools

The Punjab government in Pakistan has taken a much needed step and announced a ban on energy drinks, junk food, and smartphones within the premises of private schools all over the province.

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According to media reports, the School Education Department (SED) has banned mobile phones as well as energy drinks and junk food in all private schools across the province.


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All private schools are required to strictly comply with the most recent directives, according to the School Education Department. Strong action will be taken against non-compliant private schools. The School Education Department has devised monitoring teams and tasked them with making surprise visits to private schools in order to make sure that all private schools are following the directives.

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This is a very good move from the government to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the students in the province.

This action comes just days after a very unfortunate incident happened at a private school. In a video of a female student at a private school in Lahore being brutally tortured by her classmates went viral on social media, causing outrage among netizens. Authorities booked four female students after the victim’s father complained about the incident. The attackers, however, obtained a pre-arrest bail from the Lahore High Court (LHC). 

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