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Now you can lock your Incognito tabs in Google Chrome Browser

Did you know that today is Data Privacy Day, January 28th? To mark this day, tech giant Google has added a new feature to its Chrome browser concerning the privacy of Android users. This new feature will allow Android users to lock the incognito tabs in their Google Chrome browser.

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Google Chrome browser has had the ability to lock and unlock incognito tabs since 2021. However, this feature was only available in Chrome on iOS. Google is now rolling out the same feature for Android devices as well.

Enabling the feature for yourself is very simple. Below steps will help you to configure it:

Settings >

Privacy and security >

Lock Incognito tabs when leaving Chrome

We took some screenshots (as shown below) that you can use to enable this feature.

Settings Image

Privacy and Security settings

Incognito tabs lock setting image

The feature is just as simple to use as it is to configure. Simply close the Chrome browser app, and the next time you open it, you'll see a splash screen with an "unlock tab" button. When you press the button, it will prompt you for the security that you set to unlock your device; it may be a password, PIN, fingerprint, or pattern. 

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Keep in mind that your normal Google Chrome browser tabs will be fully accessible to others who will use your device.

This feature is useful when you have to share your device with someone else for any reason but you don’t want to disclose your browsing items to the person with whom you share the device.

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To be able to use this feature, you need to update your Google Chrome browser app with the latest updates, and even if you are unable to find this feature, don’t worry, it will be available soon as Google is working on it to make it available for everyone.

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