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If you learn from a YouTube channel and still not making money then you must read this article, it's all about the same issues that why we fail after all.

In the current world of technology where the world has become a global village and everything is just a click away. Thanks to the internet which brings a lot of learning opportunities for everyone. What you have to do is to focus on the area of your interest and start collecting the relevant information. YouTube has become a large free University, learning and access to learning material was never easy ever before.

Now there are two types of situations;

No. 1 - Someone who learnt from online platforms and took action to make a living, ended up with success.

No. 2 - Many learn from online platforms and end up nowhere and the only thing they have are excuses.

Let’s See Why?

Recently I subscribed to an online earning and educational channel on YouTube. I found this YouTuber a very nice instructor.

He made some courses with a playlist on his YouTube channel.

One playlist was about making a blogging website and there are many videos covering the topic and I must appreciate him that he did a wonderful job and nicely explained everything. I believe that anyone with some knowledge about computers can easily make a website.

Now making a website is not an issue but the content for the website is the real one. In his video course he gave a demo about one topic (deliberately I am not mentioning the topic here why? you will know after reading this).

He started right from creating a google account to make a blogger profile, attached a custom domain with it, how to prepare a post, when to take AdSense approval and at the end show the website real earning as well.

Up to here, everything went fine. I also watched the full course and made notes for my survey purpose and read many comments on his course videos as well.

Before starting this course, he clearly conveyed the message to the viewers that the topic he chose is just of his interest as he already has a website on the same topic (niche) and viewers should choose their niche of their own interest.

Even with this clarification many people who watched his course started websites but with the same topic which he used only for demo.

I note many websites from his videos which his subscribers made after watching his course and send to him for some setting purpose and some from the comments on his videos.

As this course is about a year old now, I decided to check how many websites are functional.

As per my observation many of those which I checked are non functional but there are some who are working well on their website, updating regularly (but these are very less as compared to those abandoned).

Found only one with a different topic (other than the demo topic).

So, the question is why things are like this, here are my observations.

Eye Catching Advertisement

You come to a YouTube video about an online earning with an eye catching Poster and a very lucrative Title:

Earn online without any work.

Earn with simple clicks, no work, no effort.

Earn 1000 dollars per month only with copy paste.

Work for five minutes a day and earn 20 dollars.

Work online from your mobile and earn 600 dollars a month.

No need to work, just click and make money online.

Do this one time work and earn 2000 dollars monthly.

A Person with Limited to no Work

If a person with limited to no work when come to the above mentioned videos (note that there is nothing wrong with these videos they are giving you an idea, it’s up to the person who have to execute the idea) he thinks it’s very easy to change life only with clicks and without any work (Physical or Mental). This mentality (mind software) is the main problem, we should understand that any work in life requires some effort, some skills etc.

Short Term Motivation

By watching such videos, we are motivated to start something, but we do not pay attention to planning.

Copied Idea and Field of Interest

As I mentioned above most of the people follow the same topic, maybe they think he is getting success so they can also, which is not true in the end. Find a topic or work of your interest and an executable idea, everything is not for everyone. It’s necessary to find the field which you like, if you have interest in it then only start to work on it. Do not copy others' work because they are successful but copy the way and strategies they adopt, and think how you can implement these rules in your area of interest to become successful.

Shortcut, No Planning, No Homework

Most of us are searching for a shortcut to success and these videos help us in this way, there is no proper planning, no homework about how much money, time or effort is required to execute the idea, lack of proper and incomplete information about that idea also leads us to failure.


As we all know very well that training is required to operate any machine or equipment. But we hardly bother to think that the same training is required to bring change in our life. If you give some attention to this matter, I hope you will find that training is required in every part of our life, we need training to earn money, to improve ourselves, even training is required to become a good partner, a good father, a good leader etc. Sometimes we have some God gifted abilities to do things better than others but it’s not mean that we don’t require training at all.

No Improvement, No Innovation

Even after starting work, we are not bringing any improvement to it, no innovation as required from time to time to make things better.

Lack of Commitment

Commitment is all about to land in a success valley, you have to wait with patience, be committed with your work, don’t give up. Look around those who are successful today, how much time they take to reach here.

Everything in life has a process to go through and success also has the same let it take its time. Find the issues making hurdles in your success path, solve them, remove them from your way to success.

I am optimistic that the above lines will make some positive change for you or at least will give another way of thinking. Now you will understand why I did not disclose the topic of those videos or channel name.

Because most people just copy the same from others instead of starting something from their own.

The Internet is full of resources and if someone wants to learn and earn it's not far away.

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