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Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE Visit Visa



People of all nationalities come to work in the UAE, but the majority of people are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.

How to Check UAE Visit or Resident Visa Status Online

The United Arab Emirates is an oil-rich Islamic country that has established itself as a modern country in recent decades. It has excellent law and order facilities as well as equal opportunities for all. The sincerity of the people toward their country is enviable. The national language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic and English is also spoken and understood. Roadside traffic signs are in both Arabic and English, in some places even in Urdu. It is noteworthy that most of the people working in the UAE are from the subcontinent. Therefore, Urdu and Hindi are spoken and understood here. If you know Urdu or Hindi, you will not face any problems in any market or public place.

How to Check the Number Of Overstay Days and Fines in the UAE

The transport system is also ideal for commuting here. You can use the mobile application to use the transport system. Bus hours are displayed on the mobile application. In addition, you can check the live location of your bus, which will be very useful for you.



1.            Those who are highly educated.

2.            Skilled Workers.

3.            People who have previously worked in the UAE and have experience working in the UAE.


1.       The best season to visit the UAE is from October to April. It is very hot here from May to September, so finding a job here can be very difficult.

2.       First, estimate the cost of a three-month visit visa, and the cost of a three-month stay in the UAE including accommodation and food, and create your budget. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee of getting a job. Especially if you have not any prior experience working in the UAE. So, if you can't find a job, can you bear the expenses? According to a general estimate, you should have between 6,000 to 10,000 dirhams, including a three-month visit visa, return ticket, and three-month stay. Remember that this is an estimate for your convenience and is not final. So, get the necessary information about it before traveling.

3.       If you have a new passport then fine. If the passport is old then it should be valid for at least 6 months.

4.         It is important for those who want to find employment here because of their education, to have their educational credentials certified by a school, college, university or the relevant board in accordance with the laws in force in their country. They must then be certified by the Foreign Office and the UAE Embassy within the country concerned.

5.        Experience Certificates of skilled workers.

6.       People who have previously worked in the UAE should have copies of previous passports with UAE visas and experience certificates (if any).

Note: Keep in mind that these things are not necessary to apply for a visa. They are important because when you apply for a job, you will have more opportunities to find work and to negotiate for a better salary. In addition, there are some jobs for which it is very important to have tested certificates. If you do not have a tested certificate, the company will apply for any general trade visa, which will cause problems for you later. Therefore, you should have certified academic credentials and experience certificates with you.

7.         You should also have your CV with all your information in a professional way. Remember that a CV is something that will get you in a job here, so get prepared your CV from an expert. The CV should not be too long. If you are new, your one-page CV is enough and if you are an experience one, ideally your CV should be a maximum of three pages. You can also search online for more information about CVs.

8.    United Arab Emirates Visit visas are available in various categories and durations generally from 15 days to three months. My advice to all those who want to come here to find work is to get a three-month visa because it is very difficult to find work in a month. If you have a friend or relative already in the UAE and he or she has any arrangements for your job, then you can also get a short-term visit visa. You should consult to him or her further.

9.       Sometimes airlines also offer packages for visitor visas and this varies from time to time. You can contact any good travel agency for the latest information. Always contact a reputable travel agency to avoid any scams.

10.  Before you come here, you must gather the necessary information about the passport, visa, ticket, and accommodation. In addition, today is the time of the epidemic and the laws are changing day by day, so it is very important to be aware of them.

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