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WhatsApp Features in 2023

WhatsApp Features in 2023 | Original Quality Photos & Voice Status

Original Quality Photos

Finally, there is a piece of good news for WhatsApp users who sometimes becomes annoyed when they have to share original quality photos with someone but are unable to do so with the currently available photo-sharing options in WhatsApp and looking for other alternatives like email, wetransfer, etc. The currently available option to share photos via WhatsApp allows a user to select one from the below list.

WhatsApp Features in 2023

1. Auto (recommended)

2. Best quality

3. Data saver

But even the "best quality" photo function some time not fulfill the requirements as nowadays the quality of photos has increased tremendously thanks to the advanced camera technology.

But now there is a major update in WhatsApp features in 2023 which can solve this issue as the company is currently working on many new exciting features, and updates, and the quality of photos is one of them. 

Currently, this feature is available for some Google Play Beta Program users, and other users of WhatsApp have to wait for it and hopefully this will be available in upcoming future updates of the App. 

Soon you will be able to hide your online status on WhatsApp - urdu

A screenshot released by WhatsApp beta shows that the image quality icon will be located at the top of the screen, along with drawing and other tools.

The availability of this feature will give more control to the app users to select photo sharing options according to their requirements, but there is one thing to keep in mind while using this feature sharing the original quality photos means high resolution photos which will have a huge impact on data consumption especially if someone is using the mobile data plans which comes with a data cap and also are more costly so to use this feature the wifi will be the best option. 

Silently exit group, soon will be a new feature in WhatsApp

Voice Status

WhatsApp features in 2023 include another very exciting feature that will enable WhatsApp users to share a voice note as a voice status. Currently, this feature is under development and is available only for some lucky beta testers and hopefully will be available for more and more users in the upcoming weeks.

اب آپ موبائل کو انٹرنیٹ سے منسلک کیے بغیر کمپیوٹر پر واٹس ایپ استعمال کر سکتے ہیں

As per the available details, the voice note will be for 30 seconds duration and the recording button will be available at the bottom alongside the “Status (Contracts)” button.

The user will have complete control over the status audience as you can select from the three available options.

ایک زبردست فیچر اب آپ واٹس اپ کے وائس میسج کو پڑھ بھی سکتے ہیں

WhatsApp Features in 2023

1. My Contract

This means you can share with all your saved contacts

2. My Contacts except ….

This means you can remove some contacts from your all list to do so simply tap on “0 excluded” and your contact list will appear, next chose the contacts you don’t want to share with them your status.

This setting is helpful if you decided to share with all but want to remove only a few of them.

جلد ہی واٹس ایپ آپ کو مخصوص لوگوں سے لاسٹ سین چھپانے کا آپشن دے گا

3. Only share with…

This setting will give you the option to select only the contacts you want to share a status with them.

To select the desired contacts simply tap on “0 included” on the right side and your contact list will appear, next select the contacts you want to share status.

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