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PTA Has Degraded Wikipedia Services in Pakistan Due To Illegal Content


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PTA Has Degraded Wikipedia Services in Pakistan Due To Illegal Content

 In a press release by PTA on 1 February 2023, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has taken action against Wikipedia and degraded its services in the country (Pakistan) due to a failure to block or remove sacrilegious content on the platform.

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As per PTA, they issued a notice under applicable law and a court order, and Wikipedia was approached for blocking or removal of the said contents. An opportunity for a hearing was also provided to the platform, but the platform did not comply by removing the blasphemous content and did not appear before the authority either.

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Due to the platform's intentional failure to comply with PTA directions, Wikipedia's services have been degraded for 48 hours with the directive to block or remove the reported contents. If Wikipedia fails to comply, the platform will be blocked within Pakistan.

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The restoration of Wikipedia's services will be reconsidered subject to the blocking or removal of the reported illegal content. The PTA said that the Authority is committed to providing a safe online experience for all Pakistani citizens in accordance with local laws.

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What is a Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free, multilingual, open-source online encyclopedia that provides articles on a wide range of topics. It is written collaboratively by volunteers who write without pay and is one of the largest and most popular general references works on the Internet. The English edition of Wikipedia is the largest, with over 6 million articles.

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