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Freelancing in Pakistan

Today’s life is incomplete without mobile phones and the internet, and especially during the coronavirus pandemic, the use of technology has been scaled up. While the pandemic has caused financial and mental stress for many due to business closures and the economic downturn, on the other side, freelancing has served as a lifeline for many of us. The concept of temporarily hiring help for work has existed for a long time, but it has taken longer for it to become a full-fledged industry. This is due to a lack of understanding of freelancing as a full-time job and limited access to the internet, especially in countries like Pakistan where the availability of the internet was a hurdle, but in recent years the scene has changed thanks to the internet and smart phones. Now Freelancing in Pakistan is making a difference.

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Currently, the number of internet users in Pakistan is rapidly increasing. As of now, approximately 82.9 million people have access to the internet. The internet, which was once considered just a source of entertainment, has now become an economic necessity. Online service apps have played a vital role in improving people's lives.

Freelancing in Pakistan has become an important part of the economy. Pakistan is the fourth-largest freelancer market in the world, with youth between the ages of 18 and 25 being the most active in this market. The history of freelancing and online work is interesting. Initially, freelancing was associated with mercenaries who would work for a person or nation for a fee. However, it gradually evolved to connecting with people through the internet and providing work for a fee. In 2009, the industry began to expand rapidly around the world, particularly in developed countries.

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Pakistan entered the field of freelancing later, but currently, around one million people are working as freelancers. There are many names working to promote freelancing in Pakistan and one of them is Hisham Sarwar, in 2016 he became known as a freelancing guru and created Being Guru, a platform for freelancers. He has been teaching freelancing skills through social media platforms for free to the youth, and his followers are from all around the world, especially he is very famous in the subcontinent region. He believes in "teaching whatever you know to others." He himself started as a freelancer, and the freelancing is his main source of income. He has been awarded many awards at the national level, but he believes that his real award is the love he receives when someone starts earning money because of his free stuff on the internet.

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Individuals like Sunny Ali, Saqib Azhar, and many others are also contributing to the growth of freelancing in Pakistan. Sunny Ali is known as the "Don of the Freelancing Market" in Pakistan, and he founded Extreme Commerce, which prioritizes housewives in the freelancing field by offering free courses. Saqib Azhar is teaching various skills to the youth through his organization Enablers and providing internet and computer facilities through bootcamps. Dawn Kash is a freelancing training institute in Lahore that is successfully run by a woman, and many women who learn the skills from this institute are now earning from the comfort of their homes.

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 Girls from rural areas of South Punjab in Pakistan, who were unable to continue their education due to financial constraints, are now completing their education and making their mark all over the world through freelancing. The government of Pakistan has also launched national freelancing and e-employment programs, which provide computer and internet facilities, and three-month courses for a small fee of only 2,000 rupees. These programs have been successful in small towns in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and many women have found employment through these initiatives.

The government of Pakistan has recognized the talents of the freelancing industry and their role in the country's economy by organizing an event and giving awards to successful freelancers. During this event, the Prime Minister of Pakistan also announced full tax exemptions for the freelancing industry, which is a significant step for the country's future economy.

Freelancing has a wide range of options, such as content writing, logo design, social media management, website development, and software development, to name a few.

Mubasher, who started by making food videos in his village on YouTube, has successfully transitioned to being a guest on the Google team. Anam's Connected Pakistan Company is also an example of this success. The freelance market has played a crucial role in liberating individuals from the confinement of traditional job roles and educational systems.

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Despite being an independent country for many years, we have yet to shift our education and teaching materials towards research and innovation. However, thanks to freelancing, our youth can now break free from the pressure of exam results and job positions, and have the opportunity to soar.

Hamid, a digital marketing instructor at the National Freelancing Program in Bahawalpur, believes that this freelancing model can provide economic stability for Pakistani women. Iram Ghafoor, a content writer, recently won an award from the Prime Minister of Pakistan for her achievements and is optimistic that government support will empower Pakistani girls in the economic field.

Dr. Arifa states, "Those who do not learn to lose, can never enjoy winning." The journey may start from zero or even a negative zero, but the beginning is important and the destination is certain.

There is no doubt that today, in this connected world, we have many options to build ourselves. The internet is full of resources and freely available to everyone and there is a huge potential for freelancing in Pakistan; we just need a will to learn first, and it will pave the way to earning as well.

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