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Most-in-demand Freelancing skills of 2023 Released by Upwork


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Most-in-demand Freelancing skills of 2023 Released by Upwork

Upwork, a platform connecting businesses with independent professionals, has revealed the top skills in-demand for 2023 across technology, marketing, customer service & admin support, accounting & consulting, and design & creative fields.

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Upwork's recent report highlights the growing trend of businesses relying on skilled freelancers to fulfill project needs and bridge skills gaps, amid a persistent talent shortage and economic uncertainty. The report also sheds light on the shifting priorities of millions of professionals, as they explore new work options and redefine career fulfillment, particularly in the face of a fluctuating job market. Upwork data shows that 60 million Americans, constituting 39% of the U.S. workforce, have engaged in freelance work in the past year, a record high.

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According to Margaret Lilani, VP of Talent Solutions at Upwork, "we are witnessing a significant transformation in the concept of work, with skilled professionals reassessing their career aspirations and gravitating towards the freedom, independence, and advantages of freelancing. Meanwhile, the unstable economy is pushing businesses to seek out new ways to stay competitive, and they are tapping into the vast pool of skilled independent professionals. As 2023 begins, it's an opportune time for freelancers to upgrade their skills or transition to a new career, while companies seek out independent talent at a broader scope and higher rate than ever before."

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Upwork's most in-demand skills lists demonstrate the crucial role that highly skilled independent professionals will play in bridging talent gaps and addressing businesses' key challenges in 2023. The skills with the greatest year-over-year growth on the Upwork platform in the noted categories are sales & business development (54%), data entry (47%), accounting (45%), and 3D animation (44%).

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According to Kevin Campbell, a full-stack web developer with over $1 million in earnings on Upwork, "As we face an uncertain economy this new year, freelancing is a fantastic way to utilize your skills, develop new ones, and diversify and secure your income. Businesses are always searching for skilled independent talent, particularly now, not only the demand of my services is all time high but freelancing also provides me with complete control over my career from where I work, to when I work, who I work with, and what success means to me. It's a truly empowering position."

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Top 10 Most Demanded Tech Skills for 2023 according to Upwork

1. Full Stack Development

2. Front-End Development

3. Back-End Development

4. Mobile App Development

5. Web Design

6. Ecommerce Website Development

7. UX/UI Design

8. CMS Development

9. Manual Testing

10. Scripting & Automation

The Top 10 Most Demanded Marketing Skills for 2023 According to Upwork:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Other Digital Marketing

4. Lead Generation

5. Sales & Business Development

6. Telemarketing

7. Search Engine Marketing

8. Email Marketing

9. Marketing Strategy

10. Marketing Automation

The Top 10 Most In-Demand Customer Service & Administrative Support Skills for 2023 According to Upwork:

1. Email, Phone & Chat Support

2. General Virtual Assistance

3. Data Entry

4. Digital Project Management

5. General Research Services

6. Tech Support

7. Drop shipping & Order Processing

8. Community Management

9. Market Research

10. Transcription

The Top 10 Accounting & Consulting Skills Most in Demand for 2023, according to Upwork:

1. Accounting

2. Recruiting & Talent Sourcing

3. Bookkeeping

4. Financial Analysis & Modeling

5. Management Consulting 

6. Instructional Design

7. HR Administration

8. Business Analysis & Strategy

9. Tax Preparation

10. Financial Management/CFO

The Top 10 Most Demanded Design & Creative Skills for 2023, according to Upwork:

1. Graphic Design

2. Video Editing

3. Illustration

4. 3D Animation

5. Presentation Design

6. Image Editing

7. Cartoons & Comics

8. Product & Industrial Design

9. 2D Animation

10. Video Production

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